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I have over 18 years experience making podcasts, premium factual narrative and true crime have become a speciality.  Here are some highlights.

Hot Money

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I was senior producer and sound designer on Hot Money, a year long investigation into the online adult industry, a series which was a collaboration between Pushkin and the FT.


When Financial Times reporter Patricia Nilsson started digging into the porn industry, she made a shocking discovery: Nobody knew who controlled the biggest porn company in the world. Now, Nilsson and her editor, Alex Barker, have figured out who the guy was, and much more. Their reporting reveals a shadowy power structure that includes billionaires, tech geniuses and the most powerful finance companies in the world.

The Messenger

I produced and was sound engineer on this 8-part true crime series for Audible.  The Messenger is an tale of friendship, lies, betrayal, terrorism, the destruction of a marriage, and the insidiousness of fake news long before it went viral.  It's the story of when journalist Shiv Malik met notorious Islamist spokesman Hassan Butt, who told Shiv that he'd repented and left al-Qaeda. Hassan wanted Shiv to write his biography, and Shiv thought he'd found the biggest story of his life—a story that would help to change the world for the better. Little did he know that Hassan Butt would almost destroy his life.


Hometown:A Killing


I produced and was sound engineer on this 6-part true crime series for BBC Sounds/Forest Productions.


Journalist Mobeen Azhar moves back to his hometown of Huddersfield to cover the death of Mohammed Yassar Yaqub but realises that there is a much bigger story in town. He opens a pandora's box of violent crime, gangs and drug dealing which puts his personal safety at real risk.

Dead Man Talking

I produced and sound engineered this true crime series for Audioboom.  The series is based around an interview journalist Alex Hannaford recorded with Angel Resendiz - the Railroad Killer- back in 2003, in which he told Alex about additional murders. In the series we explore whether there is any truth in these confessions, and whether innocent people are serving life sentences.  We reached number 1 in the Apple podcast chart and had over 3 million downloads 

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