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Squid Scam - Audible Original/ITN

Squid Scam- a crazy ride of a podcast I was Exec Producer on- has launched on Audible.

Squid Scam investigates one of the most shocking online scams in recent memory – as fraudsters stole $16 million from investors across the globe, by selling a worthless crypto token based on the hit TV series Squid Game.

In his eight-part investigation, host Janhoi McGregor explores how criminals first convinced investors and the world’s media of the scam’s authenticity before escaping with their millions. Then following the digital tracks left by the swindlers, Janhoi investigates every email address, payment, account and online footprint associated with the fraud, attempting to track down the true identity of the Squid Scammer.

Listeners will go on a journey into the complex, yet mysterious world of crypto, where Janhoi speaks directly to the victims of the scam and uncovers how it was possible. With the help of an open-source expert, crypto elites and NFT hustlers, a bigger picture begins to emerge, taking Janhoi, and listeners, on a mission to bring justice and understand the true extent of the crime.

Squid Scam, is a real roller coaster ride, full of twists and turns, false leads, dramatic tension, hope and despair, before the audience ultimately find out whether Janhoi can bring those responsible to justice.

Presenter, Janhoi McGregor said “This is the hardest, most challenging and dangerous story I have ever worked on in 12 years as a reporter. We knew nothing about the person who stole $16million US dollars from thousands of victims in the Squid token scam. We had no name, no location, no number and no face. So, I spent a year painstakingly finding that information and I called in every single favour to do so. What we discovered about the Squid Scammer was more shocking than we could’ve imagined and it all ended in an unexpectedly dramatic way.”


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